iPhone Apps

Why do I need an iPhone application?

The iPhone is only about two years old, but it's already the number one selling smartphone in the world.

iPhone users consume more mobile internet services and content than many of the other leading brands combined. These users are leading the way in new uses for the mobile internet, and are the highest spending mobile audience.

The most effective way to satisfy an iPhone user is with an iPhone application.

What is an iPhone application?

An iPhone app can be either a native application distributed through Apple's iTunes App Store, or a mobile web application that delivers an iPhone compatible user interface.

A native application runs locally on the iPhone and can take advantage of all of the built-in functionality of the handset. It does not require an internet connection to run.

An iPhone web app requires an internet connection to load, and has some limitations accessing built-in iPhone functionality. An iPhone web app can be a generic mobile site, or, it can be an iPhone-specific site made to act like a native iPhone application. Or, it can be something in between.

How do I choose - native iPhone app or iPhone web app?

The best choice depends upon the nature of your application or service, your goals with your mobile audience, and the resources available.

We're here to help you evaluate the issues and options. We can assist further with iPhone app design, development, testing and deployment. And we'll save you time and money!