What services do I need for my mobile site?

Like any web site, you need a secure, reliable, and affordable hosting and server infrastructure.

But for a mobile or iPhone site, you need mobile specific back-end services; for dynamic device and network detection, content reformatting and transcoding, mobile messaging, ad serving, order-taking and payment processing.

We'll deliver all of the services and infrastructure you need to deliver a great mobile site, under one roof.

What is device and network detection, and why do I need it?

ZETZ mobile's DDND Service™, will dynamically detect the model of handset, and the network of origin, for each user that visits your site. We use this information to seamlessly customize each individual's content.

For example, when we detect an iPhone from AT&T, we adjust your site's content for the iPhone's 320x480 screen size, provide advertising targeted for the United States market, and deliver video to the user that will play properly on the iPhone's embedded media player.

Or, if we detect the user is browsing on a Sony Ericsson W300i from France, with a screen size of only 128x160, we will deliver content to display properly on the smaller screen, change the content and advertising to French, and deliver video content in a different format to play on the Sony's embedded media player.

Is mobile advertising an option?

Absolutely! Smartphone users are responding to ads in record numbers. Mobile advertising is a great opportunity to promote your site and products. It's also a great way to generate revenue from your site. We'll help recommend and implement the best options.

Is eCommerce more complicated for mobile?

Mobile commerce is newer than its internet cousin, so the back-end service choices are more limited. But smartphone users are shopping in record numbers. We'll help you make the right choices to enable and deliver m-commerce to your users.