Mobile Sites

Why do I need a mobile site?

There are three times as many mobile handsets as there are personal computers. The mobile internet growth rate is many times that of the internet.

Smartphone users are the fastest growing, and highest spending segment of the mobile marketplace. They consider their handset an essential tool for communication, information, entertainment, and shopping.

You need a mobile site to reach this rapidly growing market.

What is a mobile site?

A traditional web site does not meet the needs of mobile users. Most often it turns them off - when sites don't load, load too slowly, are hard to navigate, and are difficult to read on small screens.

A good mobile site is concise, quick to navigate, designed for small screens, requires little user input, and adapts its content to the many different handsets that might visit it.

How can a mobile site work on so many different handsets?

It's not easy! Consider the variables. There are hundreds of handset models with different operating systems, device capabilities, user interfaces, screen sizes and browsers. Wireless networks deploy a growing number of incompatible technologies. Your mobile site's presentation and content must be adapted for these variations to provide an enjoyable and useful user experience.

Fortunately, there is help. ZETZ mobile will build your site to .mobi specifications, ensuring compatibility with over 95% of today's handsets. We'll provide technologies to detect your user's handset model, properties and features. We will detect their network of origin. And we'll build your mobile site to dynamically optimize its presentation and content - for every user.